Local Access to Global Wealth Creation, Preservation and Protection

  • Our recommendations are always based on ones we’ve personally invested in.
  • We see portfolio diversification as mandatory, not just across asset classes but also diversified custodians, diversified countries and diversified currencies.
  • Our directors own 100% of the business, therefore we are not beholden to any outside unaligned shareholder influence.
  • Our clients are further aligned with us every step of the way because we own what they own.
  • We go cautiously and steadily, mindful always that the return of capital is paramount.
  • We are privately owned & clients engage exclusively with our 4 shareholder directors.
  • Exceptional experience advising High Net Worth Clients worldwide

Our Mission

“To provide global expertise in Wealth Management, Family Office and
Estate Planning combined with outstanding client service, delivering
results beyond expectations”

BMF Wealth Difference

Over four decades, BMF Wealth has managed the needs of both corporate entities and many aspiring and
high net wealth individuals, from CEO’s and Directors to Entrepreneurs and Professionals and their Families.

Today, recognised as one of Australia’s most prestigious financial services providers, BMF Wealth takes pride in offering
Clients uncompromising levels of excellence in the creation, protection and preservation of their assets and wealth.

Personal, Caring Hands-on Approach

Personal, Caring
Hands-on Approach

For over 40 years, BMF Wealth Clients have relied on the personal attention of a Director as a trusted and valued advisor. A second Director also becomes familiar with your important issues to always ensure continuity of service and a high standard of experience and expertise.

Some of our Directors sit on numerous external boards, sometimes as formal board representatives and other times as members of the Advisory Council. Our Directors may also serve as representatives for non-resident Clients assisting them with their Australian matters.

Solutions Driven Expertise

Solutions Driven

BMF Wealth provides the expertise and commitment Clients seek for their wealth creation, protection and preservation. Always exploring opportunities, we leave no stone unturned and conduct a thorough ‘deep-dive’ analysis before we make our final recommendations.

When providing investment proposals, our recommendations are ones that we are invested in ourselves and have committed to. Our history of Client success and continuity proves our intensive and committed approach works.

Integrated Private Client and Family Office Service

Integrated Private Client and Family Office Service

BMF Wealth provides the specialist multi-faceted expertise and services you require all under one roof. Whether your needs are Family Office, Wealth Management or succession and intergenerational planning, our experience and depth of knowledge is vast and proven.

We are privately owned and have a strong network of alliances and global relationships to broaden our reach and capabilities.

BMF Wealth Story

"Can Do, Will Do"

Established in 1981 and located in Sydney’s principal financial district, BMF is today recognised as one of Australia’s most prestigious privately owned financial services providers wholly owned by the directors.

Our goal has always been to be the best in bespoke client Wealth Management and Family Office. As a result of this our firm today is a highly respected and trusted boutique ‘private-bank like’ provider of a full and comprehensive suite of Wealth Management & Family Office services.

Over the years, the success and ongoing reputation of our company has attracted some of the finest thinkers and experts in their respective fields. Testament to the success of our Company is the loyalty and on-going support of our many long-term Clients and generations of their families.

BMF Wealth and Family Office, is extremely capable and well prepared to assist Clients through the challenges that will likely form part of their future landscape. We are confident that we have the dynamic leadership, skill levels and expertise coupled with an unrelenting drive for excellence that will provide Clients with the assurance they seek for their own financial future and wellbeing.

Our International Reach

Our outward looking approach, coupled with our expanding International Clientele resulted in the formation of BMF International Asset Management. The success of BMF Wealth has led to beneficial relationships being forged with a number of the world’s major financial institutions through which we gather research and ideas.

These relationships enable us to offer International equities, bonds, gold, property, currencies and managed funds as well as International banking services and products that may not be available in Australia.

international reach
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