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How to Invest an Inheritance

Over the past number of years, BMF Wealth’s Estate Planning and Wealth Management teams have been inundated with requests regarding consulting services for Estate Plans and investment management on the wind up of the Estates. Due to the legal nuances around areas such as tax, family...

Investing in the current stage of the cycle - it is what it is

Investing in the current stage of the cycle – it is what it is

“The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” Philip Fisher The above quote from historical investor, Philip Fisher, accurately captures the difficulty of investing in today’s stock market where valuations, particularly in the US, and a number...

bmf wealth investment outlook

BMF Wealth Investment Outlook

We are pleased to provide our BMF Wealth outlook for 2017. 2016: Tantrums, Terrorism and Trump 2016 was a year remembered most by a major shift in the global political landscape to one of anti-establishment nationalism. The two key events of the Brexit vote in June and the...

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