covid 19

An Unprecedented Time

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin There is no doubt “that this time it is different.” The black swan events, the COVID19 and the oil war between the Russians and Saudis have decimated the equity markets globally. ...

your wealth adapt grow

Your Wealth – Adapt and Grow

We have returned to Sydney after conducting two significant research trips over the past three months in the USA, UK, Switzerland and Singapore which included two conferences, one in Singapore and the other in Dallas. However, we come back with some disturbing economic news which is...

Why you should update your Will

Why you should update your Will

An uncomfortable heading I know, but one that needs to be addressed and preferably sooner than later – especially if you haven’t revisited your Will in the past three to five years. Circumstances change, your wealth changes, your health changes, your age changes, your beneficiaries’ ages...

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