• 27 July 2020
  • Barry Mendel

Jill Nes is the CEO of BMF Wealth, a Wealth Management firm looking after High Net Wealth clients with a minimum portfolio size of $2,5 million.

women in wealth managementJill is one of very few female Wealth Management CEO’s in Australia and brings a caring and nurturing approach to managing Clients’ portfolios.

Jill has been voted one of the Top 10 Women in Wealth Management globally and the top female CEO in Wealth Management in Australia.

She is a Chartered Accountant with decades of experience and has been managing clients’ Global portfolios for nearly 40 years.

Jill heads up a small hands-on team based in Sydney. The privately-owned firm was founded by Chairman Barry Mendel nearly 4 decades ago.

Jill, together with Barry and supported by younger Directors Justin Gaywood and Brad Mendel, collaboratively manage portfolios with regular input from their clients as to their vision, wishes, needs and desires, not only for their own wealth, but the ongoing wealth management, preservation and protection thereof, for the next generation too.

global reach

In Jill’s view, a critical component of managing portfolios is the ever changing geo-political and economic landscape, resulting in Jill regularly travelling internationally, in order to tap into the views of respected associates in UK, Switzerland and USA, constantly searching for knowledge and challenging her views in order to provide the best possible advice for portfolio construction and wealth preservation.

She is an expert on Gold and has long advocated for gold exposure in clients’ portfolios including ownership of gold bullion and gold equities.

One of the defining differentiators of Jill’s ethos and that of her firm when compared to other Wealth management firms, is that whatever the BMF Wealth team propose to a client to invest in, Jill or one of her 3 co-directors must own that particular investment in relatively large amounts.

Jill’s client portfolio includes some of Australia’s top Businesswomen and Businessmen, CEO’s of listed ASX companies, Professionals, High Net Wealth Families, Entrepreneurs, Widows and Widowers, Divorcees, Charitable Foundations, and Superannuation Funds, many doyens of Sydney and Melbourne.

Jill Nes outside the Goldsmith hall in LondonHer interests are avid reading of research reports, international travel, attending global investment conferences and meeting and listening to learned Investment and Economic Gurus whom she enjoys learning from.

Jill is particularly passionate about empowering women in the wonderful world of investing and takes great care in carefully explaining to those who might not be initially financially literate or may face some challenges in understanding investing generally. She specialises in helping them on their journey educating them if they have little or no knowledge of investments whilst managing their portfolios.

Jill’s mantra is ‘Do what you love, love what you do and never work a day in your life’


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Barry Mendel

About The Author

Barry Mendel

Barry Mendel is the Founder and Executive Chairman of BMF Wealth and associated companies. He is highly respected as a business, taxation and strategic advisor and has acted on behalf of prominent individuals and companies, both locally and internationally. He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and is also a registered CPA. He specializes in Asset Management and Wealth Creation Strategies and is qualified in ASIC’s prescribed training for Financial Planning Professionals.

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