40 Years of Creating & Managing
Global Wealth for Our Clients

Our Wealth Management and Family Office business helps aspiring and high net wealth Clients and their families create and preserve their wealth even through periods of extreme volatility.

Our privately owned companies, BMF Asset Management Pty Limited and BMF International Asset Management Pty Limited each hold their own Australian Financial Services License which allows us to provide unfettered advice.

We have strong International relationships with some of the world’s major financial institutions which enable us to execute investment strategies globally. In making investment recommendations we align our interests with those of our Clients by investing first or alongside them.

Wealth Preservation and Creation Strategies

Our strategies entail the initial 3 steps for managing your money:

  • Consultation with you to understand your needs and your financial and personal situation and objectives, and to analyse your tolerance for risk.
  • Preparation of an Investment Proposal containing our recommendations consistent with our understanding from the consultation.
  • Presentation and discussion of the Investment Proposal with you.

Private Banking and Treasury Services

As your adviser, we are able to facilitate accounts for you with Australia’s major Banks and International Private Banks. We can assess which Bank is the most suitable for you in terms of your requirements.

Private Banking and Treasury Services

Estate Planning & Asset Protection Assistance

Since we develop a detailed and thorough understanding of our clients’ financial and personal affairs, this knowledge and the information that we hold becomes the source for preparing our clients’ wills and estate plans.

Family Office

The Family Office provides a complete, seamless and integrated financial service for high net wealth Clients who ask the questions: “Who is going to manage my financial affairs when I am no longer involved?” “How do I educate and prepare the next generation?” “How do I protect and grow my capital for generations to come?” The successful transfer of wealth across generations and the prudent ongoing management thereof is a major issue facing many families in Australia and internationally.

Family Office

Charitable Foundations

We advise, manage and administer portfolios of charitable foundations to ensure the objectives are met, particularly regarding the need for income to fund the beneficial charities whilst conservatively preserving the capital base.

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