Local Access to Global Wealth Creation, Preservation and Protection

Local Access to Global Wealth Creation, Preservation and Protection

  • Our recommendations are always based on ones we’ve personally invested in.
  • Our recommendations are always based on ones we’ve personally invested in.
  • We see portfolio diversification as mandatory, not just across asset classes but also diversified custodians, diversified countries and diversified currencies.
  • Our directors own 100% of the business, therefore we are not beholden to any outside unaligned shareholder influence.
  • Our clients are further aligned with us every step of the way because we own what they own.
  • We go cautiously and steadily, mindful always that the return of capital is paramount.
  • We are privately owned & clients engage exclusively with our 4 shareholder directors.
  • Exceptional experience advising High Net Worth Clients worldwide.

High net worth individuals and corporations
all have unique needs.
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Our Wealth Preservation and
Creation Strategies

Consultation with you to understand your needs and your financial and personal situation and objectives, and to analyse your tolerance for risk.

Preparation of an Investment Proposal containing our recommendations consistent with our understanding from the consultation.

Presentation and discussion of the Investment Proposal with you.

Execution of Investment Strategies

Once the strategic direction has been set, we execute and implement our advice which entails the next three steps:

  • Establishing the necessary structures to hold your investments.
  • Purchasing and/or selling Australian and international direct shares, listed and unlisted managed funds, direct and listed property, bonds and cash as proposed in our advice.
  • Ongoing reviews (at least quarterly, usually more often) which is the most crucial process to ensure that the strategy remains current with your situation, goals and needs. The portfolio is rebalanced to realign with the asset allocation parameters and changing market conditions and to take profits.

Asset Allocation Strategies

Part of our strategic advice which is core to the preservation of our clients’ wealth and management of risk is diversification across asset classes, countries and currencies. Due to our broad capability and experience across the globe, we can diversify our Clients’ wealth across the various classes of assets, countries and currencies:

Asset Classes include

  • Cash
  • Fixed income securities
  • Property
  • Equities
  • Managed Funds
  • Alternate Assets


  • We can purchase securities across all asset classes on most major stock exchanges around the world.
  • We can also invest directly for our clients in unlisted assets in most well regulated jurisdictions.


  • Key to a diversified asset base is a spread of currencies.
  • We purchase for our clients investments that are denominated in multiple currencies across the asset spectrum.
  • These investments can be held in Australia or overseas.

Why Choose BMF Wealth

Our mission at BMF Wealth is to provide global expertise in Wealth Management, Family Office and Estate Planning combined with excellent client service, delivering results beyond expectations.

Over the past 40 years, BMF Wealth has managed the needs of High Net Wealth individuals, from CEO’s and Directors to Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Families and their Corporate Entities and Trusts.

Today, recognised as one of Australia’s most prestigious financial services providers, BMF Wealth takes pride in offering Clients uncompromising levels of excellence in the creation, protection and preservation of their assets and wealth.

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