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Family Office

The Family Office provides a complete, seamless and integrated financial service for high net wealth Clients who ask the questions: “Who is going to manage my financial affairs when I am no longer involved?” “How do I educate and prepare the next generation?” “How do I protect and grow my capital for generations to come?” The successful transfer of wealth across generations and the prudent ongoing management thereof is a major issue facing many families in Australia and internationally. Our Family Office services are most beneficial for Clients with investable assets of $10m or more.


Family Office Operations

To ensure that the interests of the Family on an inter-generational basis are taken care of, we obtain a thorough understanding of the family as a whole and its individual members. We focus on family involvement, education and guidance by assisting with the decision making of the next generation who will inherit by sharing our specialized wealth knowledge. The BMF Family Office becomes the Client’s financial centre of excellence providing the management, administration, reporting, advice, education and compliance for their wealth – completely and seamlessly. Some of our families are self-directed in their investment decisions while others are advised by BMF. All Clients are allocated an Executive Director with whom a long-standing, trusting relationship is developed and nurtured over the years. Clients have a secondary relationship with at least one other director as a support to the relationship. The benefits for our Clients are trust, commitment, continuity, economies of scale, efficiencies, expertise, experience, execution and dedication.


Reporting and administration

Since we act as the family’s financial office, we therefore act as the “custodian” of the assets of the family thereby keeping everything within one centre. (NB: Assets are always held directly by our clients). We administer the portfolio across all aspects from completing paperwork to making daily payments. The principal client remains involved and approves all transactions. Our reporting system enables us to generate detailed reports showing the listing of all assets, asset allocation, transactions and performance. We report to the Family or to the Family Principal as often as they need or wish.

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