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Private Banking and Treasury Services

Domestic Private Banking Assistance

As your adviser, we are able to facilitate accounts for you with Australia’s major Banks. We can assess which Bank is the most suitable for you in terms of deposit rates, service levels and product offerings. These relationships also enable our clients to participate in new securities issues or listings that are mainly open to Private Banking clients only. They also enable clients to access borrowings for personal or business use.


International Private Banking Assistance

We have developed relationships with some of the world’s major international private banks. We ensure compliance at all levels. This enables us and our clients to:

  • Garner research, ideas and innovative financial products around the globe.
  • Operate overseas bank accounts.
  • Have assets held or custodised in highly regulated jurisdictions like Switzerland, the United Kingdom Singapore, and the United States.
  • Purchase and sell securities on all major exchanges around the world that are not available in Australia.


Treasury services

Since we have relationships and scale with the major Australian banks, we have the knowledge of what the best call and term deposit rates are.

Many of our clients outsource the management of their cash to us to ensure that their funds are spread appropriately to manage counter-party risk and placed with the most competitive and strongest institutions.

Our advice entails investing for the optimal term which is determined by the client’s need for liquid cash, investment opportunities and our view on future interest rates.

All accounts and deposits are held directly in our clients’ entities.

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